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Stocksfield Parish Council Risk Assessment: Newsletter and leaflet delivery

Subject Risk(s) Identified Risk Level Management or Control of Risk Review/Assess/Revise
Conflicts with other people Aggression or injury L Ensure another person knows where you are going.
Carry a mobile phone.
Consider undertaking task only during daylight or in pairs.
Carry a torch during the hours of darkness. Withdraw from area rather than face conflict.
Steep slope and ground in poor condition Slips and Falls


Wear suitable footwear.
Keep to established footpaths.
Dogs Bites or scratches L Be aware of loose dogs in gardens. Seek medical assistance if bitten.  
Highway Injury from passing vehicles M Be aware of passing traffic.
Consider undertaking task only during daylight.
Wear bright clothing and carry a torch during hours of darkness.
Do not obstruct the road.

Note: The Council’s Volunteer Policy precludes the use of power tools by any volunteer when working as a volunteer under the direction, guidance or request of the Parish Council. The Volunteer Policy and associated risk assessments do not apply when volunteers undertake work on behalf of other agencies (eg NCC, Tyne Rivers Trust or the EA). Risks are categorised as High (H), Medium (M) or Low (L). Where any risk level is identified as being HIGH, the task should not be undertaken. Where a risk level is assessed as MEDIUM, identified actions must be taken to control the risk or the task must not be undertaken

Risk assessment undertaken by Clerk date 10/11/16