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Stocksfield Parish Council Risk Assessment: Flood Warden

Subject Risk(s) Identified Risk Level Management or Control of Risk Review/Assess/Revise
Flooded ground Injury or death from entering flood water
Injury or death from being pulled into fast flowing water
Wardens should never enter flood water on foot or in a vehicle.
Wardens must take care when close to flowing surface water to ensure they do no slip or fall into the water.
House to house visits to advise of potential or actual flood Conflict with other residents who may be stressed and could behave irrationally and in unexpected ways resulting in aggression or personal injury


Ensure another person knows where you are going.
Carry a mobile phone.
Consider undertaking task only during daylight or in pairs.
Carry a torch during the hours of darkness. Wardens can advise residents to leave their property but should never attempt to force residents against their will.
Withdraw from area rather than face conflict. Where there is concern about vulnerable residents who are in their homes, contact relatives or the police.
Steep slope and ground in poor condition Slips and Falls L Wear suitable waterproof footwear. Keep to established footpaths.
Do not enter flood water.
Dogs Bites and scratches L Be aware of loose dogs in gardens.
Seek medical assistance if bitten.
Highway Injury from passing vehicles M Be aware of passing traffic and take care when crossing road.
Wear hi-viz vest provided at all times and carry a torch during hours of darkness (provided).
Do not obstruct the road.
Lifting and handling Personal injury M Flood wardens may advise residents of the locations of sandbags but are not expected to deliver them.
Flood wardens are not expected to assist residents to vacate their property and where they do they will be acting as ‘good citizens’ rather than in their role as wardens.
Where life is in danger, flood wardens should contact the police.
Post Flood Recovery Personal injury and disease caused by contaminated water M Flood wardens are not expected to assist with clear up operations but if they do (when acting as a ‘good citizen’), they should wear suitable protective clothing and wash their hands after contact with flood water.  

Note: The Council’s Volunteer Policy precludes the use of power tools by any volunteer when working as a volunteer under the direction, guidance or request of the Parish Council. The Volunteer Policy and associated risk assessments do not apply when volunteers undertake work on behalf of other agencies (eg NCC, Tyne Rivers Trust or the EA). Risks are categorised as High (H), Medium (M) or Low (L). Where any risk level is identified as being HIGH, the task should not be undertaken. Where a risk level is assessed as MEDIUM, identified actions must be taken to control the risk or the task must not be undertaken

Risk assessment undertaken by Clerk date 12/09/17