1. Introduction

The co-option of Parish Councillors can occur either where a vacancy remains after an election or where the resignation of a councillor causes a ‘casual vacancy’ to occur. This policy assumes that, where a casual vacancy has arisen, the Clerk has complied with the statutory requirements that will allow co-option to proceed lawfully. This policy applies to all co-options. However where after an election the Council is quorate but, due to the number of vacancies, there is a risk to the continuation of the provision of services by the Council, the co-option of new councillors can be agreed immediately.

2. Co-option process

The Clerk will advertise the existence of a vacancy on the Council’s notice boards and website, inviting interested parties to apply to the Council for consideration of co-option. Applications for co-option must be received by the Council at least five clear working days before the next Council meeting at which the co-option will be considered. The application must be written (including email) and must contain a personal statement which includes:
• Any relevant information about the applicant
• Why the applicant is interested in becoming a councillor
• Confirmation that the applicant is not disqualified from holding office as a councillor and is also qualified to do so.
If no applications are received, the Council will continue to advertise the vacancy and will consider any applications as they are submitted. However in order to be considered at a Parish Council meeting, an application must be received at least five clear working days before the meeting.
Where the number of applicants does not exceed the number of vacancies, each applicant in turn must receive a majority of those present and voting. Where there are more applicants than vacancies and there is not an absolute majority in favour of one person, the name of the person with the least number of votes shall be struck off the list and a fresh vote taken.
Where a person is co-opted as a councillor, they may take their seat immediately but must first complete a ‘Declaration of Acceptance of Office’.


Adoption and review history
Adopted at Parish Council Meeting on  09/05/16
Reviewed on 02/11/20
Next Review Due November 2021