At the Parish Council meeting this evening (16 July), the Council considered its two play areas at Branch End and at Kate’s Plain.

Councillors recognised the difficulties facing parents and the benefit to children that would result in the areas being reopened, particularly during the summer months. Many will be aware that the Government has allowed outdoor play areas to open but only after councils are satisfied that it is safe to do so.

Councillors have decided to arrange for the installation of additional signage and to make any necessary adjustments to equipment at both locations based on further assessments by the Clerk. Once this work is complete, the play areas will be reopened. This will be as soon as possible but the precise timescales cannot be predicted as yet. It was a challenging issue for councillors who needed to balance the risks and liabilities with the overall wellbeing of its residents.

In the meantime the areas must remain closed temporarily for the safety of all our residents. Please respect the decision of the Council to open only after this work is complete. Gaining access to either area whilst they are closed will only delay the date of reopening. Further information will be published on the Council’s website and Facebook pages in due course.