From Pat Moran and Anne Dale
First of all thank you to everyone for following

the government instructions to stay at home. You know to only go out if essential and to keep your distance from other people - difficult and disruptive as it is. By doing this we are saving lives and helping the NHS cope.
And a huge vote of thanks to all our NHS staff and essential service providers for all you are doing to support each and everyone of us during this critical time.
Thank you too, to all those in our villages who have signed up to support others. Over the last ten days the offer of support from the residents of the villages has been incredible and we now have a list of well over 200 volunteers. These names together with contact details have all been collated into a confidential data base which can only be accessed by Pat, Anne, Chris Catnach and Bryan Wade. We are also working closely with the surgery, pharmacy and other local services and clubs.
Many of those in isolation in Stocksfield and Mickley are now receiving help. We are continuing to bring together those needing help with volunteers from our data base.
We know that many of you will be helping your neighbours and thank you. If you find that further help is needed please do contact Anne (01434 673326) in the first instance and please do consider volunteering if you are not already helping in some way.