Some residents may be aware that there have been incidents of damage to both play areas in recent months. The most recent

has involved deliberate damage to the cushioned surface of the play area at Branch End. Sadly, despite being repaired, it has been damaged again overnight on 30 June. Broken glass, litter and empty alcohol containers have been left scattered around. The Council is grateful to those parents who clear up the rubbish, particularly when there is a danger to young children, and the Council's groundsman regularly checks the area, clearing rubbish as necessary.
The police have been informed and have promised to pay extra attention. The damage seems to occur during the evenings. The Council is keen to hear from any residents who have information about those responsible. PLEASE DO NOT POST ANY INFORMATION ABOUT POTENTIAL OFFENDERS on a public forum but contact the Clerk (email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).
Please help us keep Stocksfield safe - if you see anyone causing damage, telephone the police when it is happening.