Documents on this page relate to the Community Flood Plan completed in the spring of 2014 and most recently reviewed in August 2017.

In brief, if a flood is happening now or is believed to be imminent, call Northumberland County Council (24 hours) on 0345 600 6400.

If there is a risk to life, notify the police by dialling 999.

A list of local volunteers/flood wardens who can be contacted in the event of a flood is shown below.




Lead Flood Warden

Mike Parker

4 South Parade


NE43 7HN

01661 843887

07973 763 248

Flood Warden

Peter Armstrong

Glenisla, Mount View Terrace


NE43 7HL


07768 181476


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Community Flood Plan

Advice on how to minimise the risk of flooding:

Find out if you are in a flood risk zone.     Prepare for flooding (Government website). National flood forum

 Help with property protection products:

Example images (labelled by approximate centre of map) which are available on the flood warning information service (see 'find out if you are in a flood risk zone' above) showing flood risk from


Burnside yard    Brumwell Court   Guessburn   Tennis Club   Ridley Mill

Surface water:

Burnside yard    Mount View Terrace    Ridley Mill  Meadowfield Road   Tynedale Gardens     Crabtree Road