The statement of receipts and payments for each financial year will be published here - one per year - and will be provided from 2015. The annual report of the external auditor, which includes statements by the Council about its annual accounts and governance arrangements, will also be posted here once complete.

2019/20 Year End Accounts Note these are yet to be approved by the Council. The restrictions caused by the Covid-19 outbreak are likely to result in a delay to the usual process of audit of the Council's finances for the last financial year and the period during which the public can exercise their right to examine the accounts. Further information will be provided as soon as it is available.

2018/19 Year End Accounts  2018/19 Annual Governance and Accountability Return secs 1,2&3 (audited)   Notice of conclusion of audit

2017/18 Year End Accounts  2017/18 External audit (interim) report 2017/18 external audit final report

2016/17 Year End Accounts  2016/17 External audit report

2015/16 Year End Accounts 2015/16 External audit report

2014/15 Year End Accounts  2014/15 External audit report