The table below lists certain delegated decisions of officers of the Council (in this case the Clerk).  The Council has a statutory duty to publish 'relevant decisions' which are described within the Openness of Local Government Bodies Regulations 2014. A relevant decision is where the Clerk makes a decision as a result of a specific express authorisation of the Council (referred to below as an 'express' decision) or a decision under a general authorisation to officers to take such decisions and the effect of the decision is to (i) grant a permission or licence or (ii) affect the rights of an individual or (iii) award a contract or incur expenditure which, in either case, materially affects the Parish Council's financial position (referred to below as a 'general' decision).

The Clerk also has a general authority to take delegated decisions in certain circumstances when the Council is unable to meet due to unexpected circumstances outside of its control. Delegated decisions taken under this authority will also be recorded here (referred to below as paragraph 4.7 or 4.8 decisions) even though there may be no legal requirement to publish them.


Decision type

Cllrs consulted





Delivery of NE43 Newsletter

On 2 November 2020 the Council decided to use a contractor to deliver NE43 News to its residents. Four separate companies provided quotes for a solus delivery and delegated powers were used to award the contract to the local company Courier Pigeon which had provided the most competitive quote.


Para 4.7

Chair and Vice Chair

Electricity supplies to defibrillator cabinets

The Council has an existing contract to supply power to three cabinets with Eon Next which expires on 23/01/22. The impact of doing nothing is that the contract moves to Eon's flexible tariff which involves a significant increase in cost. Five quotes from four separate suppliers have been provided and based on an estimated annual use of 60kWh at each location, the annual rounded cost of each quote is (i) £191, (ii) £113, (iii) £315, (iv) £210 and (v) £76. Quote (v) has been provided by the Council's current provider, Eon Next. Delegated powers have been used to renew the amended contract with Eon Next which reduces the anticipated annual costs for power supplies.