The Parish Council is aware that the existing car park at the sports fields is too small to cope with the number of vehicles

needing to park, both for users of the sports facilities and parents dropping children at school. The Council has been granted planning permission to install an overspill car park which will provide an additional 42 spaces. Once completed, it is anticipated that there will not be a need for vehicles to park on the A695. Whilst the precise cost of the car park is yet to be established, experience from an earlier tendering process would suggest that the cost is likely to use the Council's entire reserves, something councillors are reluctant to do.

The Council is considering applying to the Public Works Loan Board (PWLB) to fund the majority of the cost and then repaying the loan over a period of time - perhaps twenty years. Apart from being able to retain its reserves, an advantage of using the PWLB is that the cost of the car park will fall to current and future residents who are able to benefit from the work, rather than those who have lived in the area in the past. It is likely that the Council would be able to afford the annual repayments from the existing precept and the interest rates, which would be fixed, are particularly attractive (2.15% as at 1 June 2017). Whilst other areas of potential funding will be explored, the Council knows that grants for car parks are not generally available.

It is important that the views of residents are considered prior to making an application to the PWLB. If you have any thoughts about the Council's proposal to borrow funds, please contact the Clerk, preferably by email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or speak to any of your councillors whose contact details can be found here. Any comments are requested by Friday 1 September.